Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Goals

Well, as we are now a few days into the New Year, it seems only fitting that I post my 10 goals for 2010.

1. Read the Bible daily. (So far, so good. I have read the Bible two mornings in a row. I'm off to a great start.)

2. Read a story to my son every night. (Well, I actually might need to revise this one to daily and not limit it to bedtime. Since last night we got home kinda late and I didn't get a chance to read a story to my little one.)

3. Volunteer once a month. (I am currently looking for ways to "give back" each month. Suggestions are encouraged and welcomed.)

4. Go to bed at 10:30 p.m. Sunday - Thursday. (Well, since I'm currently on vacation, I've haven't started this one yet. This Sunday will begin the test.)

5. Read 35 books. (You might remember that last year, I attempted to read 52 books in 52 weeks. What was I thinking? I didn't reach my goal but I did read 29 books.  Well, this year, I have decided to be a little more realistic. I wanna read my age in books.)

6. Exercise 4x's a week for 30 minutes. (Ummmm...I've been rather sick these last few days and so I haven't actually started this either. However, Sunday (or shall I say tomorrow) I plan to start.)

7. Take my son on a vacation. (I want to take him to SeaWorld in Orlando or possibly a place with a beach and if worst come to worst, I can count the yearly trip home as a vacation.)

8. Save $1,000. (I am truly hoping to accomplish this goal by June.)

9. Weigh 135 lbs. (I currently weigh 160 and it's just too darn heavy. I wear an expensive size 6 and a cheap 12 (i.e. Jones of New York, size 6 and Wal-Mart size 12). I really would like to wear an expensive size 2 and cheap size 6.)

10. Get married. (This has actually been a "goal" of mine for the last 10 years. However, I've decided to put it down on paper and see what happens. Clearly, this is a goal that I can't really control unless I want to be like the girl in Leap Year, which I don't. But hey, I decided to write it down and see what happens.)

Bonus Goal:  52 posts in 52 weeks.  (Ideally, I would love to post more than once a week but I'm going to start small and commit to publishing at least once a week.)

So what is something you would like to accomplish this year?


V. said...

Thank you for this post. It has forced me to sit down and list my goals as well. New Year's resolutions have never been my thing, but a list of goals seems very realistic.
1.Build my clientle
3.Complete my online degree
4.Learn a new skill such as tango, wine tasting, skiing
5.Read a book a month starting with Eat, Pray, Love
6.Damiko Toso (Buddhist chanting) daily and reconnect with the organization
7.Fall in love and maintain it
8.Challenge myself daily to do better and to be better
9. Move into Manhattan
10.Take a vacation at the end of the year

joanofalltrades said...

Love your goals! I have a friend in MD who does a charitable event every month. Let me know if you want to be added to her email list. Should I feel like a slacker because I haven't written down my 2010 goals yet?

Jessica Pettigrew said...

Awesome goals!! If you make it down to Orlando let me know I can try to see if Katannyi can get you tickets to sea world free since he works there. That can help "pay back" for some of the scrappin stuff you send me!

Mocha Dad said...

Great set of goals. My family has a goal setting session at the beginning of each year also.