Friday, June 26, 2009

I just can't get enough of Michael Jackson

As I sit here glued to the television, I can't help but feel a weird aching. Even though I never met him, I feel such a connection to him. His music has touched my soul and often times lifted my spirits. As I watch the world mourn his death and celebrate his life, I am searching for peace. It's hard to not feel like this is a mistake and just can't possibly be true. How can he be gone? In the midst of my doubt, I know that it's true and he is gone to a better place. I pray that his family can find peace in the outpouring of love shown by the world. I pray that they know that Michael has touched us in an unexplainable way. He will be missed but in his passing, I pray that he has finally found peace because he sooooo deserves it. I plan to continue to celebrate his life by sharing his legacy with my two year old son. We have been listening to his music and watching his videos nonstop. He has so many great songs that it's hard for me to pick one favorite. But if I have to choose, it would be P.Y.T. So what's your favorite M.J. song?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Potty Training SUCKS!!!!

My wonderful son is 2 years old. So of course the pressure begins, other mothers begin to ask is he potty trained yet or how long has he been potty trained. What????How long?? Oh no, I’m a bad mother or worse a slacker mother because I didn’t get the memo that the moment my child turned 2 he should be or begin to be potty trained. I have finally decided to start and boy was I in for quite a surprise. Honestly, this ordeal is reminding me of breast-feeding. This just takes so much time. I decided that I just couldn’t do those little potty chairs. YUCK, I am so not cleaning that out. So I opted for the little toilet seats. I love them!!! I even bought a new toilet seat that has a little seat already on it. Perfect. I also bought a stool.
Like any good mother, I checked the internet for tips and tricks to potty-training a boy. I found some cool ideas like: create a m&m basket and every time he goes, give him a treat. ( This could have worked except my son doesn’t like chocolate. I learn something new about my child every day.)
Sit him on the toilet in specific intervals (i.e. every hour) ( This could have worked except by the time I sat him on the toilet he had already gone in his pull-up diapers.)
Just let him run around the house with no underwear. (UH! What the heck was I thinking???? This could have worked except he kept peeing on my rug.)
Buy him “big” boy underwear ( I was of course reluctant to do this because I felt like he wasn’t ready for underwear yet.) Well, I ‘m happy to say that it worked. He loves to wear his tighty whities. NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!
So, what sucks in your life? ( of course, as I make an effort to fill buckets, I really hope nothing sucks in your life. However, feel free to vent if you like.)