Thursday, January 14, 2010

God Bless the People of Haiti

As I sit at home wearing my space boot, I am quickly reminded that my problems and inconveniences pale in comparison to the disaster that has hit Haiti. I feel a personal connection to this tragedy because one of my very close friends is Haitian. Her family has already confirmed the death of one family member and is anxiously waiting to find out about other family members and friends. I keep wondering what I can do. Well, I decided that my blog could be a voice to ask for help. Wyclef Jean's foundation is accepting donations and is committed to helping the people of Haiti. You can donate $5.00 by texting the word Yele to 501501 and the charges will appear on your next cell phone bill or you can visit Yele Haiti to a make a donation. I pray that you are able to forgo a small pleasure and find $5.00 in your budget to help Haiti. God Bless for your generosity and let's all pray for the wonderful people of Haiti.


joanofalltrades said...

Prayers go out to Haitians and loved ones. I have made my donation and I'm going to Wyclefs site to grab the button for my blog.

from the desk of said...

cool idea about grabbing the button