Monday, February 2, 2009

My Life Pie

Since the most romantic holiday is found in February, I've decided to spend this month focusing on love and relationships.

Recently, I met an amazing man who is constantly on my mind. So much so that it takes a deliberate effort to not write blog post solely about him and how he makes me feel. He and I have debated about this topic because he feels like love and relationship posts are more interesting. My argument is that while I am sooooo enjoying this season with him, he is not my entire existence. I still have myself , my children, my friends, my church, work and a whole host of other things that bring me enjoyment. I am hesitant to have my post focus primarily on my relationship with him because in the big picture it should not consume me. It should really only constitute a slice of my Life Pie, not be the entire pie. What do you think, how much of your Life Pie do you devote to romantic relationships?


Edwin said...

Well, I spend a good deal of my Life Pie making sure that my romantic relationship with my wife is still HOT!!! I feel like I have/need to because there are so many other things that consume our time(work and kids are just two of them). I have a saying "KEEP DATING YOUR WIFE OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL"

joanofalltrades said...

Ditto Edwin! I think you are over thinking this a little. We spend time on our current priorities. We can't possibly divide our time equally amongst the aspects of our lives. My marriage is one of the most important things in my life and I devote the majority of my time to it or at least to thinking about it. Especially with new love, I think it is natural for it to consume you. As long as you are not totally neglecting your children and yourself (which I'm sure you're not), I think you should relax and enjoy the ride. We post about whatever is on our minds. It's natural for him to be on your mind, so post about him. Your readers are not judging. Okay, I'm done. Beware of asking me for my 2 cents because you might get 50! Let love lead the way....and the rest will follow.

Angela said...

Yes it is hard to balance our time with others and for ourselves but I think it is a lifelong goal.
I love the pie chart because I have to make myself make time for everything ( work/home/ husband/friends).
As far as your friend, enjoy the ride of friendship and make sure you have as much to do as him.
Do things you like to help bring balance from constantly thinking of him.
I am so happy for you. One day you will have to tell me about your friend.

Her Artichoke Heart said...

I'm happy for you, too! :) It's a sign you really like someone when you think about them so much. Just post whatever you are thinking about and feeling in the moment. Whatever we are most interested in is what we will best write about!

pecanglo said...

Enjoyed your comments and wish you the best always. Besides you are very special and I couldn't want more for you.

Keep focused no matter what take place and keep God first as you usually do and all things will work for His good.

Love ya,

from the desk of said...

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom about life pies. I guess it's safe to say that our life pies are always adjusting to meet the current needs/demands on our time. So I will enjoy the moment and not worry about the fact that in this season, my man-friend represents a big part of my life pie.

Stesha said...

I don't want my Life Pie/Love Pie to have a burned crust, so I would say I but a lot of energy into the love portion of the pie.

Hugs and Mocha

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Finding balance in our lives can sometimes be one of our greatest challenges. At least it can be for me! I think that the fact that you are cognizant of keeping your focus on all aspects of your life...children, friends, faith...speaks volumes about your character.

If you feel the need to write about your man, do it. It does not necessarily mean that he will suddenly dominate your entire life pie. Your blog is your form of I say, express.


Complicated Mama said...

I agree that it should only be a slice of life's pie. When it consumes your life its never a good sign... at least in my experience.

Great that you've found a good guy though! :)