Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Love of My Life

Since this is the last Sunday in February and thus my last post focusing on love and relationships, I decided to write about the love of my life.

Have you ever loved someone so much that…

You secretly wish that he would never leave your presence and that you could
spend every single minute together?

You watch him sleep because you just can’t take your eyes off of him?

You literally hang on to his every word, just waiting to see what he’ll say next,in fact sometimes you ask stupid questions just to hear his voice?

You would rather spend a lifetime in hell with him, than be in heaven without

You know in your mind, body, and soul that you all are absolutely perfect for
each other?

You can’t remember what life was like before you met him?

You smile so big when you see him that sometimes your face hurts?

You talk about him every chance you get to anyone who will listen?

You spend way too much money buying him stuff he probably doesn’t even

You thank God for him so much that God must be sick of hearing you say his

At this point, I know you all are wondering who is this person?
The love of my life is …my son!!!!!!!!!!!


joanofalltrades said...

I knew it! You can't fool me! There's nothing like the love between a mother and a son. Nice post!

Stesha said...

I knew it too, especially hell. We only burn in hell for those we birth!

Hugs and Mocha,

BTW- I spread some click love!

Dimples said...

Oooooo girl I feel you!!!! Yes! My baby girl is the love of my life.

Single Mom Seeking said...

This post put a huge smile on my face. So sweet.

Felicia - I complete Me said...

I completely understand. That is how I feel about my little man. Although, he is teething and making it hard for me to get some sleep. I still love that man. It could be a lot worst.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking damn this girl is really into her man!! Than I read the bottom of course that makes since!! Then I read it again loved it! Check out my post at WenbrenExplainsItAll!!

Nate said...

This blog brought to mind the movies "ROOT". The old African held his child up to heaven and said "behold, the only thing greater than you." It is something that I have yet to experience. Maybe one day. Keep up the good word.