Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Big Rocks

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted something.  As you can imagine I've been a tad busy.  While the details of the wedding aren't consuming me, they have added just one more thing on my already full plate.  Needless to say that I have begun pruning as spring appears to be a great time to do this. I'm in serious declutter mode.  Most importantly, I am really trying to find time to do the things I LOVE.  So while I like to blog, I have to admit that I don't LOVE it.  My new goal for blogging is monthly.  I wish I could blog once a week and I doubt if I'll ever blog once a day but for now once a month is definitely doable.  This past month, I have started prioritizing my "big rocks" as Steven Covey would say.  My current big rocks are:  spending time with my son and my fiance, reading at least 30 minutes a day, exercising 3 days a week, getting more sleep and planning my wedding. It's taken some time but I now see that blogging is really among the sand, gravel, and water in my life.  Over the past few months, I'm learning that everyone's rocks are different and that one's rocks can change with each new season in life.  So as I recap the past month, I will focus on my big rocks:
1.)  Time with my son and my fiance - Grade C
       Unfortunately, I don't really feel like I've been spending enough quality time with either of them.  I also
       realize that I don't quite know what this quality time should look like.  So my plan for this month is
       to read a story to my son everyday .  (I'm giving myself permission to not limit this reading to
       bedtime.  It can happen at any point of the day.)  As for my fiance, my goal is for us to have at least
       one date night this month and play at least one board game a week. 

2.)  Reading at least 30 minutes a day - Grade B
      I managed to read 2 books this past month so I'm not doing too badly with this "rock".  My memory
       isn't as good as it used to be and I don't have my reading journal with me.  Therefore, I
      can't remember the books I read for March.  Thank goodness, improving my memory isn't one of
      my big rocks. :) In order for me to reach my big goal of reading 35 books this year, I need to read 3
      books a month so hopefully I will be able to accomplish this goal for April.

3.)  Exercising 3 times a week - Grade D+
      I suck on this one.  I just can't get it together.  It's either all or nothing.  Some weeks, I do it and other
      weeks, I don't do anything.  If there are four weeks in a month and my goal is 3 days a week,  that's only
      12 days a month.  Well for March I managed to work out about 7 days.  (This is of course a guess
      since  I don't have my calendar near me.)  My goal for April is just do it.  No excuses!!!!!

4.) Getting more sleep - Grade F
      I am failing miserably with this one. The only time I managed to get 7 - 8 hours of sleep this past month
      was if I was sick.  I really am committed to this one because I really do feel better in the morning and my
      day goes so much better after a good night's sleep.  My goal is to get in the bed by 10:30 p.m.  I have a
      DVR so I can't use the excuse of watching television since I can record the shows I want to see.

5.) Planning my wedding - Grade A +++++
      Surprise, surprise, I'm doing a great job on this big rock.  I have set up a website, secured the location,
      started making the invitations, located a harpist, decided on favors and weekend activities.  Since this
      rock is pretty darn big, I'm happy that I doing well on this goal.  Even though, I'm not consumed with
     wedding planning it's no doubt the one thing I'm doing well.  If I look at why I'm making such good
     progress, it's because I have a specific list of things to accomplish and have set aside specific blocks of
    time to accomplish it.  I guess I need to apply this same strategy to the other rocks in my life.

Now that I've shared my "big rocks", I'm curious to know what are some of the "rocks" in this season of your life?


Christie-The ChatterBox said...

Okay so the grading system cracked me up but this is good. I admire how you keep yourself on track...something I really suck at and wish I had a full-time assistant instead. Also very cool that you admit you don't LOVE blogging. Stay true to yourself, my friend.

Her Artichoke Heart said...

Very worthy goals! How's the de-cluttering going?

Her Artichoke Heart said...

How was your wedding? :)