Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Past Month....

Omgoodness, I really can't believe that it's been over a month since I've blogged. It really does seem like it was just the other day. Since it's been a bit longer than a few days, I feel like I should catch everyone up.

Air cast Update: Gone, well kinda. It's in my trunk. I wonder if I can sell it on EBay. My foot is feeling a lot better as a result of wearing the air cast and now my Shape-Up Sketchers. Who knew that these tennis shoes would make me a mini-star? I'm not lying. EVERY time, I leave the house someone will ask, "How do you like those shoes?" or "Are they working?" My response to question number one is always, "Oh, I love them. They are sooo comfortable." Now, my response to the second question is a bit more detailed. Somehow I feel like I must look like a big frump because if my weight was in proportion to my height, would you need to ask? Wouldn't you be able to see that they were "working?" So, for the second question, I launch into this loooong explanation about the air cast and why I bought the shoes in the first place (which was to level out the air cast). I then go on to say that I didn't buy them to get in shape so I don't really know if they're working.

Doctor's Orders: 80 what??? This was my response when I found out that the "old" lady socks that my doctor prescribed cost that much. I mean really. $80 for some socks. Needless to say, I'm gonna have so stinky feet cause a sista can't afford to buy more than two pair of socks.

Reading: It's sad to say that February was a s-l-o-w month on the reading end. I only read one book. It's called The Conversation by Hill Harper. It was a really good book. I am currently reading 2 books so hopefully I will be able to finish one of them before the end of March.

Fitness: I swear, I 'm just so darn tired. It seems like I can't get enough rest. No matter what time I go to bed, I still wake up feeling absolutely exhausted. I am now taking a few vitamin supplements so I do hope this helps. I am currently looking for a Wii dance game. Any suggestions???

Family Life: My son currently has strep throat. When he had a fever the other night, I wanted to be near him just in case he needed anything so I slept in his bed with him. Well, guess whose throat is getting tighter and tighter by the minute. You guessed it....ME. I have already missed two days of work due to him being sick now I may have to miss another since I think I might be getting sick myself.

In conclusion, I am in the process of pruning and decluttering and re-organizing and all that other stuff..What I'm really trying to say is that while I do miss blogging, I realize that I don't have to beat myself up if I can't do it weekly. Hey, it's all about balance and adjusting so I may just be blogging once a month.

I know this post has been super long (for me) and I'm sorry. I really appreciate you reading all this.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Good for you to balance...I am looking at all these comments and realize it will take me a year to visit everyone!!

Anonymous said...

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joanofalltrades said...

You are a good one, cuz I would have only bought 1 pair of those socks. And yes my feet would be hummin! Are you gonna write a review on The Conversation? I'd like to read it, but the likelihood of that happening any time soon is slim to none.