Sunday, December 14, 2008

Are You a Filler or a Dipper?

I just finished listening to a great book on tape called How Full Is Your Bucket? The focus of the book was that the majority of our interactions are either positive or negative. We rarely have neutral interactions. So the book begins by asking the reader to think of his/her last interaction, was it positive or negative? If it was positive, then she had just filled someone’s bucket and if not she had dipped from someone’s bucket.

I, of course, immediately thought of my most recent interaction and am proud to say that I did indeed fill someone’s bucket. However, the book clearly defines that one must fill buckets without dipping into other’s buckets. Now, it gets tricky. Did I just make someone feel good at the expense of someone else? In my most recent interaction, I didn’t. But I can sure think of some times when I’ve done some serious dipping to fill someone else's bucket.

The book posed a challenge to make a conscience effort to fill at least one person’s bucket everyday. You could put a “drop” in their bucket by giving verbal praise, lending a helpful hand, giving an unexpected gift, leaving a voice mail, or sending an email or text. How cool would it be if we all began to make a conscience effort to be fillers and not dippers?

So, I’ll ask the question again…are you a dipper or filler?


Charla said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! How's The Shack? It's on my wish list. I may have to go pick it up. Happy blogging!

KGW said...

Finally! It's about time you shared your gifts with the world. I'm definitely striving to be a filler! Love your blog concept.......thanks for the bloggy love

Dimples said...

Oh humbug! I was hoping to be your first commenter. Oh well. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!

Look forward to getting to know all about you.

Oh, I'm a filler. I love giving.


Christie-A Work In Progress said...

YAY! You made it! This is a wonderful blog concept! I love your tag line! I think I may be a dipper and a filler but hopefully more of a filler. Thanks for giving me something else to ponder!! Alright! time to start giving (and receiving) bloggy love!!

Stephanie @ said...

Interesting concept. i don't think i dip too many buckets, though it feels like my own is pretty empty lately. I will try filling up a few soon.

from the desk of said...

Thanks for stoppping by my blog. The Shack is pretty good. I plan on posting a book review when I'm finished.

from the desk of said...

Thanks, KGW for stopping by my blog and for your encouragment.

from the desk of said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love reading yours and am so glad to hear you're a filler.

from the desk of said...


Thanks for being a follower of my blog and for the shout-out on your radio show. You are definitely a filler.

from the desk of said...


So glad you stopped by and read my first post. I hope this holiday season puts some "drops" in your bucket.

pecanglo said...

First I apologize for not replying to some of your blogs earlier. Now that I'm settled in from my recent move, I can take time to read and digest some of your comments. Ummmm they are interesting and seriously give me pause. I love the idea of at least trying to fill someone else' bucket. It is a good feeling when you know you have done something extraordinary (not a spectacular thing), but just some that would out of the ordinary for yourself. Recently I did that twice and it was monetary gifts to two individuals that I felt could use a little help. I can't tell you how wonderful I felt from the moment the gesture was done to long after. It was a glowing feeling that touched me deeply and make me feel so good. I would like to continue to do similar acts of goodwill since it truly make me feel probably even better than the individual. I loved it!
Until the next time.....I seemed to have been bitten by the writing bug this afternoon. (smile)